The Early Ford Store Visit.

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image (1)   After visiting Kev Elliott’s place, (see earlier post), we made our way North from La Habra up towards Pomona and on to the old town location of   San Dimas, home of  The Early Ford Store. Situated in what used to be an original Ford dealer’s premises back in 1910, the place is a mecca for old Ford lover’s and traditional hot rodder’s alike.

Swinging the rental car into the rear car park, we were confronted by a gorgeous line up of cool old pre-war Ford’s, with th2014-10-16 23.02.54is ’34 Cabriolet, immediately catching my eye.  We didn’t get the full story on it, but it certainly looked like a genuine barn find car that had recieved some updated chassis upgrades, judging by the stance. Open top Model 40’s are rarer than their 1932 predecessor’s, but for us, that just adds to their appeal.

Making my way down the line of cars, checking them all out I came to this ’40 Coupe, one look at it confirmed that this was a genuine survivor hot rod, everything was just so right. To be honest, it was the first car I’ve seen since finding my ’34, that just might have made me think about having a change. So much so, that I asked in the shop if it was indeed up for sale. Needless to say, it wasn’t, and apparently, they get asked the question at least once a day! I did find a bit more out about it though. It is a locally built car that they’ve known about for some time, and were recently able to purchase. Built in the late ’50’s, there is an Oldsmobile motor lurking under that faded hood, complete with an aluminium flywheel and early adaptor kit mating it to a Cadillac transmission, the original torque tube, and original ’40 rear. Everything being installed into the original frame without any unnecessary cutting, a very clean installation, by all accounts.2014-10-16 23.05.392014-10-16 23.05.30

The icing on the cake for me, was the totally cool, copper and white, tuck and roll upholstery job, with the diamond theme on the seat backs, echoed on the headlining also. Just superb.

2014-10-16 23.04.31

There was plenty more to see at The Early Ford Store, so check out these pics taken inside the shop.  How about a another survivor hot rod, this time a ’32 Roadster. it just makes you you wonder how many  old hot rods are out there waiting to be found.      2014-10-16 23.17.37


2014-10-16 23.19.07                                                                                                                                    2014-10-16 23.14.00








What that? Oh, just a  three-window Coupe, no biggie………


2014-10-16 23.13.23

2014-10-16 23.25.59   Early Ford Parts are everywhere, if it ain’t here, you don’t need it.



Next stop, the California Hot Rod Reunion. Stay tuned gang!

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