Snapshots of the Hippy Trail A Self Published Memoir by Billy Wells


Anyone privileged to know the legend that is ‘The Outlaw Billy Wells’ as he is known by his friends, are already aware of many and various tales of biking life, his worldwide travels and adventures, recounted in the pub many times with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. They also know the stories are all true. This is his first book (self published) recounting the mystic hippy travels to the East, so popular in the Sixties,  Billy actually went, he did it and more, and this is his story. See below for sleeve notes  from the rear cover.

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Billy Wells had a cockney upbringing, a Grammar school education, and rebellious tendencies.

Setting off naively, at 21, to travel the world in 1965, Bily went searching for adventure and the realm of the Beat traveller. The journey back and forth to India, takes him five years. He finds, firstly monetary wealth, then cultural empathy and then spiritual awakening. Recklessness, impatience, romance, and a passion for drugs, takes him to places few have been to and from where fewer have returned. From Bombay opium dens to a monastery in Sri Lanka, many paths are trod.

He eventually returns to the underground world of his fellow travellers, and along with some great characters met along the road, he attempts to smuggle hashish in a beat up VW van, bought in Kabul, with the intention of selling it to American Vietnam Vets in Munich. He gets back home with enough money to make it to the first Isle of Wight music festival.

A grass roots tale of the Sixties.

Also by this author ‘Racing in the Street’ The Cafe Racer years ’60-’63

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