Let’s do a Gasser Throwback Thursday!

Posted by keith on January 22, 2015  /   Posted in News

Here’s a throwback to a cool ’35 Ford Gasser I shot back 2008 as a potential magazine feature, but which unfortunately, never made it to any magazine. I don’t think the car has ever been featured anywhere, despite being an old Gas Coupe from back in the day.

At the time, the car belonged to Rick Neal of Possum Killer Garage, in Walls, Mississippi, just South of Memphis, which is where we took the pic’s.  The car wasDSC_0057 originally built by a good friend of Rick’s called Glen, who had sadly passed away some years before, hence the ‘Glen’s Garage’ on the doors. Some time after his passing, Rick was able to buy it from Glen’s widow, and with a little work, was able to make it street legal (In Mississippi, anyway!)  This probably accounts for the tilt column and stereo in the car, not typical Gasser features. Rick, being a pretty cool custom painter was probably responsible for the freshened up paint too.

DSC_0075    ’35 Ford’s were not commonly used as Gasser material, probably because they were heavier than other    pre-war models, and this may account for the copious amount of lightening holes drilled all over the  car, a feature that really makes this Coupe stand out, ol’ Glen must have got through plenty of hole saw’s,  tackling that job! Check out also, the blue tinted perspex window’s and roof insert.

Unfortunately, in the intervening years, I’ve mislaid my notes on the car detailing the spec, but we can tell you that it runs a small block Chevy, which had been set back in the frame, hence the re-worked firewall and tunnel, fitted with a four barrel-carb. It’s likely that this engine was fitted later and is not a race engine as it still runs the cast iron inlet, with no other speed equipment visible.

The front axle is a straight tube, with a transverse leaf mounted behind it, tube shocks are mounted ahead of the axle and angled forward, a steering damper has also been added later. Rear end is a braced  Ford nine-inch.


That’s about all we can tell you about it, apart from the fact that Rick has now moved the car on to another owner, we know it was a reluctant sale, when we shot the car Rick had genuinely meant it to be a keeper. We are still in touch with Rick and his family, so maybe if he see’s this, he’ll remind us of a few details and we’ll amend the piece accordingly. The Neal’s are good Southern folk, it was a pleasure to meet them, and a big thanks to Rick for showing us the car, even if it was seven years ago! We said we’d get it out there sometime!




Update!  Ricky Neal has confirmed that the car was sold back to Glen’s family and it is now in the safe hands of Glen’s brother Arnold. What comes around, goes around.



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