Kev’s Four Banger Fun!

Posted by keith on November 22, 2014  /   Posted in News

We were out in California last month to take in the California Hot Rod Reunion and generally have a vacation, (you’ll be seeing various stories crop up on here of our travels) , and  our first day in Los Angeles was a breakfast meeting with our ol’ mate and Ex pat Journo, Kev Elliott. Co-incidentally, just about ten years exactly, since Kev gave me my first writing job in Custom Car Magazine.

We drove out through the Thursday morning L.A. traffic, following Kev’s direction’s to meet him near his workshop in La Habra, and after breakfast, and a bit of business, we nipped around to his rented workshop unit to see the ‘Notso Special’ the Roadster Pick-up he recently

2014-10-16 20.56.20

finished f2014-10-16 20.57.07or Bonneville. Kev’s car is powered by a highly tuned four-cylinder Zetec motor with a Garrett turbocharger, the motor churning out approx 320 bhp! Not too shabby!

Because this years Bonneville Week was rained off, Kev had yet to run it in anger, but was looking forward to running at El Mirage a few days later. That first event saw the little truck top 131mph, not the 150 Kev was looking for, but for a first run on the hallowed track, not too bad.

A few weeks later, Kev and team were back at El Mirage again for the whole weekend, the first day seeing a repeat run around 130 plus, however the following day and some fiddling with the electronic boost doo-hickey saw a massive improvement and a 146.38mph run. Kev’s target was 150, so definitely a case of ‘so close, but so far’. That’s it for this year, but we’ll be watching him chase the ton and a half in 2015. Good Luck Kev!


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