Hollywood Hot Rods and their cool neighbours…

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A couple of posts back we brought you a glimpse inside Bobby Green’s cool Old Crow Speed Shop in Burbank California, and if you’re in the area, its always going to be a trip worth making. However, you want some icing on the cake? When you’ve finished checking out Bobby’s stuff, just walk right next door and you’ll find Troy Ladd’s Hollywood Hot Rods shop for an extra helping of Hot Rod goodness.

Stepping into the2014-10-28 21.10.03 shop we immediately recognised the face behind the counter, except last time we saw Jim Aust it was behind a different counter down in Long Beach. That was back in 2009 when Jim was running the So-Cal Speed Shop L.A. and way before that he was Senior Editor at Hot Rod Magazine. In contrast to the laid back atmosphere next door, in HHR’s they were hustling, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a workshop of that size packed with so many ongoing projects.

Jim was happy to let us look around and take some pics but as workshop manager was too involved with the business of the day to stop and give us an individual run down’s on the various cool rods under construction in there. Some of the cars have since been finished and are out on the street, so you might recognise them if you follow US car shows online.  Not that you’re likely to forget  a channelled ’32 Roadster Pickup running a huge John Kaase 680 bhp SOHC Boss motor and six speed!2014-10-28 21.08.33We did recognise this roadster, however, 2014-10-28 21.08.04this fenderless ’33 Roadster was put together by Jimmy White at Circle City Hot Rods for Dana Harvey a few years back, looks like it was in for a an engine swap, we love the colour of this car, even though the awkward lighting in our pic doesn’t do it justice here. The black ’32 features a blown flathead and some other great traditional features. What’s not to love on this one?

2014-10-28 21.07.39







2014-10-28 21.10.42

Not wanting to get in the way, we rattled off a few pics, bought the obligatory shop shirt and said our goodbye’s. Thanks to Jim for letting us snoop around.



However, we weren’t done yet, as the other side of Hollywood Hot Rods, is the main workshop for Delmo’s, or Delmo’s Speed & Custom, to give it its full title, the other sign up on Bobby’s building. Delmo’s is run by Del Uschenko, originally from Canada, but who began his Californian hot rod career right next door in Hollywood Hot Rods. His specialty is Chevy Pickups, or to be more specific, slammed Chevy squarebody pick up’s, usually built with latest technology equipped chassis’s with AccuAir system’s and huge 20 and 22-inch smoothie wheels.

2014-10-28 21.15.09

This ’68 C10 Shortbed is typical of the look, and very similar to the ‘Nacho Truck’, the truck that got a lot of media attention for Delmo’s, and which is now here in the UK, having been imported by Tony Osborne. There seems to be a solid demand for this style of classic truck, with modified frames all lined up in the shop just waiting to recieve the truck bodies, and you have to admit, the do look cool!


Check out more of Delmo’s work at www.delmospeed.com
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