Hipsville Horror-a-Go-Go!

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After t2015-05-16 12.32.46hree years of Hipsville, we still get asked what it’s all about,  and it’s a  question that really has no answer.  If you’ ve ever been you’ll know just how cool it is, if you haven’t, well then it really doesn’t matter. Perhaps the styling and fashion cues of the early Sixties are less well known, or so overwhelmed by Beatlemania and the following hippy era, that its as if the post- bobbysox, pre- Haight Ashbury period of American music and culture never happened. Then again, we are talking about a time when of Surf music and Beach movies were in their heyday, The Munsters and 77 Sunset Strip were on TV, and Tiki culture was manifested everywhere from Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room, to South London coffee bars. Hipsville draws on all of this and more.

This years theme was Horror-a-Go-Go, and paid homage to all the old schlocky Dracula and Frankenstein ‘B’ movies, plus a ton of similar movies all made before the horror genre became a free-for-all gore fest. We have to say, the level of participation over both evenings was awesome with some truly incredible costumes on display. Here’s just a couple courtesy of Lisa and Adrian, and Andy Saunders (who else)?


IMG_0463 (1)












As usual, the Hipsville team had made an excellent job of transforming  Bisley’s Pavilion bar into an island paradise Tiki Bar, both inside and out, this being the daytime venue for the many live bands through out the weekend, there was even a cocktail mixologist on call, should you like your drinks long, tall, and deadly….2015-05-16 12.31.45



As you can see in the pic, the House of Wax was there with our trade stand on pole position on the pavilion since we were also sponsoring the Hipsville Sunday Auto Show on the Sunday. This was held on the green opposite the pavilion balcony, which quickly filled up with a great variety of cars and trucks. No trophies were awarded, but we came up with the cunning stunt of  getting a various selection of  participants to award their favourite car with a conspicuous lime green House of Wax Hipsville Cool rosette. Here’s a few of them.


2015-05-16 16.41.56

2015-05-17 13.24.33









2015-05-16 12.33.46



2015-05-17 13.49.21

2015-05-17 13.52.38








2015-05-17 13.50.44



2015-05-17 13.25.15

2015-05-16 16.50.25









2015-05-16 16.54.21







2015-05-16 17.42.48








Cars are one thing, and I’ve been taking pictures of them at events for years, what magazines want if you’re trying to make a buck or two out of your camera, its but it’s people that really make an event, and I’m not good at taking people pics, though I try now and again, so here’s a couple to try and redress the balance, sorry, this isn’t Facebook, so you won’t be able to tag them.





2015-05-17 14.23.03











This was to be the last Hipsville to be held at Bisley, and at time of writing, the new venue has yet to be confirmed. But to be honest it probably doesn’t matter where Hipsville 2016 is held, as long as all the ingredients that make it are included. After all, if you can dig it, Hipsville is not so much a place, or a car show, or even a music weekender, its just a damn good party with cool bands, great DJ’s and music with all the good people you’d want a party and none  that you don’t, and for one weekend a year, believe me, that’s  a good place to be.



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