GNRS added bonus pic’s……The Suede Palace Winners!

Posted by keith on January 26, 2015  /   Posted in News

We weren’t expecting these pic’s to come down the wire from California over the weekend, but they came anyway, courtesy of the Bear Metal Crew, who just plain rock.

The Suede Palace has become in recent years, a show within a show, and a separate attraction in it’s own right. In here you’ll find the more traditional rides, some painted some not, some finished, some not, but all traditional in style and theme with not so much emphasis on the spit ‘n’ polish found in the rest of the show. Many local car clubs are representing in the Suede Palace, and it is they that get to make their own picks and awards, usually with cool and creative trophies made by their own members. We didn’t get specific details on these cars, so we’ve made up our own captions based on nothing in particular except the pic’s themselves..



A ’58 Pontiac, in case you wondering. With a ‘Best Custom’ award, by the look of it.



This neat little track nosed T was the pick of The Oilers CC, the organisers of The Race of Gentlemen.









’35 Ford pick-up looks good with the addition of a ’33 passenger car grille.








You want wild? How about a ’58 Rambler Wagon Gasser? Cool? The Road Devils CC thought so.












Wynn Walter’s ’51 Chevy Fleetline is featured in the Feb ’15 issue of Car Kulture Deluxe, if you want the full story, that’s a copy of it on the floor by the car.











Look past the chrome and there are lots of subtle body mods on this ’55 Buick Century Custom, a 4dr with a 4-speed no less, dubbed the ‘Root Beer Float’.















Gorgeous chopped Caddy was the choice of the Lifters Car Club, probably would have been ours too.



Not often you see a Chevy 3-Window Coupe given the full hot rod treatment, looks like they kept with a six-pot inline engine judging by the three carb’s.


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