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Like many others, we’d seen the Old Crow Speed Shop logo on shirts and on their oft photographed belly tank racer, so we knew it was probably a good place to go check out while in Los Angeles, or Burbank, North Hollywood, to be more precise. What we didn’t count on was what an awesome place Bobby Green’s building and collection actually is.  The neat, pale green, totally art deco frontage is set back from the dead end street and contrasts sharply with the rust coloured parts and partly dismembered vehicles randomly spread around the yard out front. 2014-10-28 20.19.17

2014-10-28 20.19.38   Old Crow shares it’s space with Delmo’s,  a shop specializing in slamming and bagging Sixties Chevy trucks, though their actual workshop is a couple of doors down the street, the two places separated by Troy Ladd’s Hollywood Hot Rods, a street of dreams indeed! We’ll cover HWHR and Delmo’s in our next post, we’ve got too much cool stuff at Bobby’s to show you first.

We could start with ‘Rusty Pines’, Bobby’s ’36 3-Window parked out front, we met with Bobby briefly when he returned to the shop between errands, and referring to the ’36, he told us “I swapped it for a far nicer car but prefer this one!” Not surprising as it doesn’t take long to appreciate where his tastes lie, if it’s representative of past American engineering and design and it’s survived to this day, then he’s all over it,  as we saw when we stepped inside the shop.




2014-10-28 20.20.41

We make no apology for showing a lot of pictures here, describing the inside of the shop and the vintage treasures within is nigh on impossible, there’s just cool old stuff everywhere, and if you are in anyway into traditional hot rodding and associated Americana, then you’ll know exactly what I mean by ‘old stuff’. Obviously a keen collector of  vintage hot rod memorabilia, Bobby is also a member of the Oilers, the club that puts on ‘The Race of Gentlemen’ at Wildwood over on the other coast, probably one of the most era conscious events on the US calendar. While Bobby shot off on another errand, we were kindly shown around by Chris Garcia, himself a talented fabricator, striper, furniture maker and sculptor. You can check out his work at his website, the address is at the foot of this post.

2014-10-28 20.27.14

Dig those old club jackets.




2014-10-28 20.40.47

More stuff!










2014-10-28 20.51.42

Out in the back of the main shop.

2014-10-28 20.21.58

An event sign from a couple of weeks previously.


2014-10-28 20.52.17

Old Crow Speed Shop are best known for the ‘Old Crow’ Belly Tank racer.



2014-10-28 20.53.15

We’d love to know the history on these two old Midget racers.



2014-10-28 20.53.26

“Ran when Parked”









2014-10-28 20.41.13

Did we mention that they also have a Yeti? No? Oh well they also have a yeti……..
















Our thanks to Bobby Green and Chris’Garcia for the look around, you can follow Bobby on Instagram as ‘Bobbygreendesign’ and  ‘Oldcrowspeedshop’ and Chris as ‘Thebettyhunter’, also check out the Old Crow Speed Shop website at and Chris’s site at





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