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Posted by keith on December 15, 2014  /   Posted in News

I mentioned in an earlier post about appreciating old stuff, (It’s the one about the Warbird’s), and I guess if you’re wandering around California, probably the oldest thing you’re likely to see is rock. Rock is the stuff that mouphoto 2 (15)ntains are made of, any rock is old, usually very old indeed, and if you’re going to look at old rock, then Yosemite National Park is a good place to do it.

2014-10-20 20.26.10Enter the park from the Oakhurst entrance and just follow the winding road through the park. I guarantee you’ll be saying “Wow” as you go around every bend with every new vista that unfolds. Yes it really is that good.2014-10-20 19.39.25

I’m not going to turn this post into a dull travelogue, but the images are so amazing I just couldn’t pass them by and go on to the next car oriented topic, so I’ll leave you with just one piece of advice. If you get the chance to visit Yosemite, then go. You’ll not regret it. Late summer Autumn is best, the park gets pretty busy in mid-summer.2014-10-20 20.09.59

2014-10-20 23.41.182014-10-20 22.13.36

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