Bikes and Birds… print!

Posted by keith on May 03, 2015  /   no comment

Our store may be dubbed the ‘House of Wax’ these days, but we are still going to market other interesting bits and pieces we find, especially if they are independently produced and not commonly available. Here’s a couple of our latest additions that are both well worth a look. Firstly, we were contacted recently by […]

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From Beautiful Downtown Burbank…..

Posted by keith on April 19, 2015  /   no comment

Like many others, we’d seen the Old Crow Speed Shop logo on shirts and on their oft photographed belly tank racer, so we knew it was probably a good place to go check out while in Los Angeles, or Burbank, North Hollywood, to be more precise. What we didn’t count on was what an awesome […]

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The House of Wax! Now what’s that all about?

Posted by keith on March 25, 2015  /   no comment

Visitors arriving at this website for the first time may be wondering about the tab at the top called ‘The House of Wax’, and wondering what that has got to do with things automotive that we regularly cover in this new section. Let’s explain.  When we started out this website lark we always fancied having […]

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Back in L.A. and a couple more Rod Shops.

Posted by keith on March 20, 2015  /   no comment

Most car guys. (and gals), visiting Los Angeles end up at Mooneyes in Santa Fe Springs sooner or later, and we were no exception back in October when we were there. You always get a friendly laid back welcome from Bob, whether you’re buying car parts or just a T-shirt. As usual, the famous Moon vehicles […]

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UK Shop Tour Number 1. We visit Tim’s Gasser Cave!

Posted by keith on March 10, 2015  /   no comment

We’ve featured a few Californian shops on the site so far, so to re-dress the balance, here’s our first UK shop tour, we’ll be adding more from both sides of the Atlantic as we go, so keep checking back.  It’s early March here in the UK as I write this and spring is definitely in […]

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Doesn’t everyone love the Model A Ford?

Posted by keith on February 27, 2015  /   no comment

We certainly don’t think we’ve ever heard anyone say anything to the contrary, and with four full years of production, the car that replaced the even longer production run of the Model T, needed to be more sophisticated, easier to drive, and more modern looking than its predecessor. It succeeded on all counts and has […]

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Banger Time on the West Coast.

Posted by keith on February 16, 2015  /   no comment

While we were with Jason Pall on the Central Coast, he took us a few miles down the road to San Luis Obispo, to see some cool guys he hangs out with, all of which share Jason’s enthusiasm for banger motors, that is, the early pre-war, four cylinder flathead motors that were standard in Model A’ and […]

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Garage Scene # 5 More Cornish Tin……

Posted by keith on February 11, 2015  /   no comment

While we were down in Cornwall for our quickie weekend break, there was one other garage we particularly wanted to see, and that was Mark Higman’s place, situated on a windy hill top farm, just a stones throw from the Eden Project tourist attraction. (Speaking of which, its been a project a long time now, […]

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