AMBR Contender’s We’ve got pics!

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Hey, we may be the new kid on the block in the world of internet hot rodding, but don’t let anyone say we’re not on the ball here at Harmedia. It may only be Day 2 of the Grand National Roadster Show 2015 at the Fairplex Pomona. But we already have some cool pic’s of the AMBR contender’s taken especially for us by Rochelle Pall of Bear Metal Kustoms.

It looks like the traditional influences gradually seen at recent shows are really taking hold, with some very cool cars taking the time honoured styles of the past, but re-interpreting them for the 21st Century. Add to that, two totally trad cars, each giving no quarter to any modernism, and while all cars are built to ever greater standards, we have to say, some of the high tech styled cars, while perfect in every detail, are becoming to look a bit samey. You may not  agree and have your own favourites, and that’s fine, all we ask is that you enjoy looking at our pic’s.

By the way, check back later as we have another top photographer covering the GNRS for us which we’ll be adding just as soon as the pics arrive later this week.

photo 1 (1)

Jerry Cogan
Builder: John Barbero
1932 Ford Roadster





photo 5 Ted Davis
1931 Ford Roadster Pickup





photo 3 (4)


Larry Christensen
Builder: Pinkees Chassis
1932 Ford Roadster




photo 1 (4)    Larry Olson
Builder: Bobby Alloway
1933 Ford Roadster

Update.  This was the eventual winner of the Americas’s Most Beautiful Roadster award for 2015, so congratulations to the Alloway crew. We have to say though, there’s more than a few thinking that it looks very similar to previous Alloway built cars. Oh well, at least it was a Model 40!





photo 1 (3)       Gene Hetland
Builder: Mike McKinnett
1932 Ford Roadster





photo 4 (4)      Dustin Smith
1926/27 High Boy Ford Roadster






photo 2 (1)  Steve Lykken, Solvang, CA.
1932 Ford Roadster Pick-Up






photo 1 (2) Dale Fode
Builders: Mark Willis and Bob Stewart
1934 Ford Roadster





photo 3 (2) Greg Meyer
Builder: A&M Deluxe Customs
1933 Chevy Roadster






photo 2 (2)

Ross and Beth Meyers
Builder: Ellis Simmons
1936 Ford Roadster





photo 2

Beau Boeckmann/Galpin Ford
Builder: Dave Shuten
Grass Hopper T Roadster




photo 3 (1)

Willy Stryker
1928/29 Ford Roadster







photo 3

Jack and Gail Taylor, Knoxville, TN.
1934 Ford Roadster





photo 4 (2) Mike Gordon
Builder: JT Enterprise
1932 Ford Roadster




Urban Hirsphoto 4 (1)ch
Builder: Chopit Customs
1926/27 T Roadster





photo 4 (3)


Per O. Martinsen
Builder: Hollywood Hot Rods
1932 Ford Roadster




Burt Diehlphoto 4
Builder: Charly’s Garage
1926/27 T Roadster






 Robert Hoffman
1930 Roadster





Thanks again to Jason, Rochelle and all the team at Bear Metal Kustoms for getting these pics for us at short notice. Thanks guys!

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